Pork-stuffed Fried Tofu with tomato sauce

Stuffed tofu

Pork-stuffed fried tofu with tomato sauce is a popular Vietnamese dish which is perfect for dinner or lunch. It’s a plain food but it also offers a great flavor that suits all taste buds. If you love eating various versions of tofu dishes, pork-stuffed fried tofu in tomato sauce is worth a try. This Vietnamese-styled dish made of fried tofu with pork filling dipped with tomato sauce and some extra seasonings.

stuffed fried tofu
stuffed fried tofu

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How to make pork-stuffed fried tofu?

Ingredients: Tofu, tomato, spring onion, ground pork, seasonings (oil, salt, fish sauce/soy sauce)

stuffed fried tofu
stuffed fried tofu

Method: Tofu is fried to a crispy perfection and stuffed with seasoned chopped pork meat then simmer with tomato sauce and other seasonings for a while. The light sour taste of tomato sauce and greasy taste of fried tofu combine to make up an exotic flavor.  Note: Don’t simmer for a long time or tofu will become rubbery.

How to serve pork-stuffed fried tofu?

This dish is topped with freshly cut spring onions, eating with rice. Sometimes, it is served in a hot bowl with stir-fried sprout beans on top. Left-overs can be saved in refrigerator for one week. Reheat in the microwave. Pork-stuffed fried tofu is a perfect dish for those who want to amp up nutrition at home!