Around Tokyo in Japan

Tokyo is hemmed into its coastal location on the Kantō plain by a ring of mountains and volcanoes, featuring temples, parks and several bustling...
Beijing - Temple of Heaven Park

Temple of Heaven Park

A tranquil oasis of peace and methodical Confucian design in one of China’s busiest urban landscapes, the 267-hectare Temple of Heaven Park is absolutely...
Dambulla Cave Temple

Dambulla Cave Temple

By far, of all the cave temples that are found in Sri Lanka, the most impressive is the Dambulla Cave Temple. Situated in the...

Bangkok Seashell Museum

Bangkok Shell Museum features At first, Bangkok Shell Museum appears to be a place addressing only conchologists (of course you know what a conchologist is)...
Black Virgin mountain

Ba Den (The Black Virgin) Mountain

The Ba Den Mountain is a part of Nui BaHistorical and Cultural Complex in Tay Ninh, Vietnam, which is famous for its artless scenery...

Uda Walawe Elephant Transit Home

Owned by the DWLC, or the Department of Wild Life Conservation, the Elephant Transit Home was established in 1995 as a part of the...
An Bang beach

An Bang beach (Hoi An)

An Bang Beach – Hoi An’s most alluring beach, with its sandy shore has become a popular destination for soaking up the sun and...
Maritime Museum

Sunda Kelapa and Maritime Museum

Sunda Kelapa is the name of Jakarta’s old seaport near the bay area of North Jakarta, formerly the cradle of civilisation of the Hindu rajadom of Sunda
Wat Maha That

Wat Maha That

Mahathat Temple is one of the oldest and most significant temples in Thailand. According to the historians, they think that the temple was established...
Sulamani temple

Sulamani temple in Bagan

The Sulamani is a large, very elegant multi storey structure from the late Bagan period. The temple was built during the reign of King Narapatisithu, a very prosperous time in Bagan.