Phuket Airport: What To Expect On Arrival And Leaving Phuket Airport

Phuket Airport

Due to the evergrowing number of flights to Phuket, its international airport is going through a major revamp and enlargement that should be completed in 2016. Try to get a window seat if you are flying into Phuket International Airport – the sights are simply unforgettable. Aircraft flying in from the east follow an approach path that’s smack-bang right over Phang Nga Bay and its graphic limestone karsts, isolated green islets and multihued fishing boats. At both high and low tide the bay is a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colours and contours.

Even though Phuket airport ranks second in the country in terms of passenger and freight volume it is quite a modest affair and within minutes of landing you will be in the terminal. Only a few hundred metres to the west, the Andaman Sea laps up on Mai Khao Beach (‘White Wood’) and Nai Yang Beach.

Phuket Airport
Phuket Airport

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During Phuket’s high season (December – May), when several flights can land one after the other, queues for immigration can sometimes be a little trying and officials thin on the ground – so be prepared for a wait unless you’re willing to elbow all and sundry aside to get to the head of the line (but then again you’re probably the same guy who got the window seat).

On the positive side, Phuket airport’s compactness means that it’s just a short stroll from immigration and customs to the luggage carousel and the front door.